Friday, January 18, 2008

Pyramids, Freedom and Earth

One of our viewers wrote a very eloquent email and asked about such things as whether I felt the power elite were going to wrangle us to the ground or not, and if there was some connection between the pyramids of the planet and if they were working together at this time. The following was my response to these questions, which I thought I would share with you:

From everything I know and understand, both empirically and externally, I believe that we have two parallel realities escalating in speed side by side. The complexity is such that it seems almost impossible to integrate. However, as the power elite become more desperate by the moment, and are tightening the fist around us and our spirit in every conceivable way, a great number of spirits are mushrooming out of the genie bottle as they try to squeeze and contain us. I don't know if any single human being can tell us with assurance which side is going to "win". I don't think it even works like that. Yes, I think those who choose to enslave others will work their dark ways on land, air and sea, in any way possible to hoard all of the resources and power for themselves, which is made easier due to possessing technology that is said to be 100 years ahead of what the public has access to. Still.....

Considering the multi dimensionality of our nature, as we refine the higher portions of ourselves, we would be operating in a finer field. With the earth changing it's frequency, I believe our freedom will be found in our personal refinement - love, non-judgement and compassion. That has many ramifications such as grace. Perhaps many of the earth changes will proceed as prophesied. With grace one can be prepared, one can be guided from harm, or one can let go of the physical and guide from the other side or prepare for the next round. With the dying gasps of the Controllers, they will wreak havoc, but only anger and protest can keep us engaged in their energetic patterns.

As for the pyramids, my guides have explained that there are many, many "active" pyramids around the planet that are still holding energies and working with the earth and it's people. Most of the are buried under the earth now, yet they are constantly working, with or without our awareness. I have experienced these structures energetically and have learned that they both bring energy into a region to stabilize it, or project energy out to the cosmos for a larger effect. It also structures the energy for "working meditations" allowing passage to other dimensions in certain circumstances. This is what was done in the higher ages and is still being done today in rare occurrences.

Naturally, the pyramids cannot be spoken of without bringing in the subject of "off planet cultures". I believe alien technology was involved in the engineering and construction for purposes only a few understood at the time. We are of interest to many other "cultures", not just for exploitive reasons, but for expansion of consciousness as we ARE them. I don't believe there are any natives to planet earth! We have come here to experience this grand environment for a wide variety or reasons. Now we must join in commitment to see that our beautiful hostess is given the opportunity to flourish. If she flourishes, so do we in our earth form, and all of our animal brothers and sisters and our silent sentries, the trees, and every other blooming thing!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome to 2008!

Change is in the wind, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. To resist it is to cause the pain of withholding and resistance within. To flow with change is to free oneself from the bonds of certainty, and once again view life as an adventure!

Light is attempting to shine through the chaos into our hearts, our minds, our bodies and our spirit, taking us to new levels of peace and understanding. How can this occur if we resist letting go the old ways of knowing and being?

The Hopi elders say that we have entered the time when we must let go of the shore and allow ourselves to be swept into the middle of the flowing tide. They say the river is moving very fast now, but it knows its destination. We must keep our heads above water and, as we are swept along, we must look around and see who is there with us and celebrate!

As we sit at the beginning of what will be a very powerful year for the planet, I say let’s celebrate! I know we can handle the changes that lie ahead gracefully if we do it together. Let’s hold hands and jump into uncertainty and light!