Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pole Shift Among the Sexes?

I have been rather silent lately because I've been in such an unfamiliar place inside myself that I have had no means of expression. Only this morning did it begin making some kind of sense to me.

The last two weeks of my internal landscape have been dominated by conversations with my women friends from which a theme emerged. Each expressed discomfort at where they were living geographically and/or a sense of loss of connection with their soul families. I see it like musical chairs. You walk in a circle until the music stops and you had better be in the right place or you're out of the game. It feels like that. We're each feeling a pressure to be positioned in the right place with the right soul group. My personal opinion is that the Earth should be among the members of our soul family.

There is no separating our beautiful host from ourselves. How silly that we have ever thought otherwise. With more than a half dozen serious earthquakes (6.0 to 8.8 magnitude) over a few short weeks, there is no denying that massive change is underfoot - literally. Amidst this is a magnetic pole shift. The way this is playing out is still to be revealed, but that something profound is happening cannot be pushed aside as New Age speak. Geologists have found pockets of land and water in which the polarity has already reversed itself. This would be the gradual path of change, slow and easy. Some of the indigenous Elders believe that the change will ultimately be very abrupt, though short lived. Perhaps slow, then abrupt. The truth is we do not know the certain timing of this phenomonen and we have no control over any of these scenarios. Still, we need to keep in mind that every living thing on this planet is dependent on magnetic fields for it's physical orientation, even survival.

Back to my girlfriends. Each of us is sensitive and feel more subtle influences than perhaps the population at large is dialing into at present. This is producing an edginess, restlessness, and desire to be in 'doingness", even a desire to make sweeping changes such as moving to new locations and throwing out all of our existing wardrobes, etc. I even said to Scott in a fit of blinding frustration "Please find a way to get us out of here!" I have never uttered such a thing in my life. First off, I would never ask someone else, even Scott, to help me "find a way" to do what needs to be done as I'm an independent sort of woman. Secondly, we're already in a good spot, but not my heart's home among a community of like souls. This was the chorus that also rose from my girlfriends.

How does this fit with magnetics and geological disruptions/eruptions? If the magnetic field is reaching the zero point in it's march toward a pole shift, why should humans be exempt from the changes in polarity? Men and women are magnetically oppositional. From every corner of the planet we hear that this is the age of Woman, where the feminine principles will reign and bring in a long era of peace. Would it not take action on the part of the feminine to assume the reigns in guiding us toward this human advancement? Where does the energy to accomplish this come from? The masculine principle - action, restlessness, desire for change. Is it possible that what the women are feeling is an infusion of an unfamiliar energy propelling us toward a new magnetic field birthing a new age? If this is so, then the women may begin taking on some of the masculine driving energies and the masculine the more receptive feminine energy. Perhaps not coincidentally, the men I am close to on a daily basis are not feeling this push in the same way at all. In fact they are pretty okay.

It all feels so upside down, but this may just be the new rightside up!