Thursday, August 12, 2010

David Icke: The Beleaguered Warrior

There is a time when the warriors amongst us must be honored.

I have a friend who most of you are aware of. His work is tireless, yet the challenges against him mount. He has chosen a path few would dare consider as it has put him in the line of fire within his community, country and even on a global scale. I am referring to David Icke.

On the public side of our relationship with David, I have interviewed him a half a dozen times. On the private side, he has been a guest in our home, staying for weeks at a time to rest and continue working on his books while on speaking tours in the United States. Due to this intimate degree of contact, I have observed him close-up. What some may find surprising is that he is not an angry man, rather focused and polite. He treats his fellow man with kindness. Perhaps this is because he is fully aware of what humanity is up against in terms of the plethora of control systems in place. As a result, he has a deep compassion for his fellow human being.

Some of you may already know what is to follow here, but most of you don’t.

David has suffered with rheumatoid arthritis his entire adult life, arthritis so severe that there are days when you would find him walking around with his shoes untied. This is because he cannot reach them. There have been times when his friends, including myself, have tied them for him. There is a small humiliation in his voice when he asks for help.

The massive tomes he writes, these prolific offerings, are produced with two fingers. The arthritis has deformed his hands to the extent that he has only his two index fingers available for a ‘hunt and peck’ style of keyboarding. Yet, for 8-12 hours a day he sits at the computer determined to put the pieces of the big picture together for all of his readers on the verge of awakening and/or remembering.

But, perhaps more painful than the arthritis has been the emotional trauma of having his world turned upside down by two people who entered his life within weeks of one another about a decade ago.

One was his American publishing associate, Royal Adams, who has recently served time in prison for tax fraud. He stole a fortune from David over many years by hiding the number of books that were being sold and pocketing the difference. He also covertly put the rights to David's books in North America in his own name. David had to take incredibly expensive legal action to win back the rights to his own books and, as a result, never earned a penny from any books sales, DVD sales or talks world-wide for three years. It all went in legal costs.

Royal contacted David via Pamela Richards, who became David’s second wife. The marriage ended more than three years ago, but now, as David has got back on his feet financially, Pamela is currently demanding immense amounts of money from David in a divorce settlement after not getting a job herself for the last three years.

As fate would have it, it has been David’s first wife, Linda, and their children, who have been supportive and worked alongside him in the family publishing business all these years, a business which David sold to Linda for one pound in recognition of her fantastic work and support over the last 20 years. Pamela contributed nothing to any of his books or the publishing of them, yet wants the money.

One would begin to wonder if Royal and Pamela were a package deal sent by some force beyond to have created such emotional and financial wreckage in David’s life. But, David keeps on writing, and speaking to crowds for 8 hour stretches, demanding organizers charge smaller ticket prices than they would otherwise do so for his marathon talks.

While he is determined to convey to humanity that we need to ‘get up off our knees’ and stand for our truth, there must be days when he can barely utter the words to himself. Yet he never stops. This is the life of the Warrior, and David is as brave a one as I have ever known.

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