Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Surviving Everything

I have been inundated with forecasts of every kind as to the outlook for our national and global economy, our planet’s solar activity, our spiritual crisis of awakening, astrological indicators pointing to grand scale change and the call for contact with alien beings. If I hadn’t been in these circles for so long ‘overwhelm’ would be the appropriate word here. But as I allow it all to wash over me, my focus comes back to simple themes. What is it that I can personally control?

From the physical level, the forecasts of economic collapse, hyper-inflation and potential weather events effecting food supplies, I have chosen to focus on putting together a few months supply of food. The supporting advice for this course of action comes from everyone from Gerald Celente, Clif High and George Green to Catherine Austin Fitts. Catherine is the only one among them that seems to believe that the meltdown will be a slow burn rather than a catastrophic upheaval. They have all been making such suggestions for a while, but on an intuitive level it feels like it may be a good time to put a plan into action. Scott has seen to the flashlights, water filters, hatchets and all things manly, while I am taking care of our stomachs and health.

As I analyzed how I would like to experience life in the event of food shortages and chaos, I choose a life with a little spice. This means I’m putting together a slightly different kind of food supply than the military style rations you hear advertised on Coast-to-Coast. Survival isn’t enough for me. I want to live while I’m riding out any potential storm.

First is organic basmati brown rice. This is basic good thinking as brown rice is a staple that works for almost every human being as virtually no one is allergic to organic brown rice.

Next comes the dried beans, again basic. Then canned tomatoes, various canned vegetables, olive oil, spices, gluten free flours, raw sugar, condiments, canned chicken breast, canned tuna, rice pasta, canned fruits, almond butter, dried coconut, raw nuts, raw honey, raw cacao, evaporated milk, coffee and teas and a variety of other good tasting foods that make survival worth the effort.

The magazine Mother Jones made us an offer we couldn’t refuse on Chicken Coop books so we accidentally bought two. We think about five feathered girls should do and will begin building the their abode in a couple of weeks as we need to keep the chickens out of our garden and the dogs away from the chickens.

Once the bulky foods and water are secured, I am adding super foods. Dr. Mercolas Miracle Whey protein powder (made from raw milk) works for protein supplementation, though I may need to procure a small loan for this purchase. That’s assuming anybody would loan me money.

I use super greens, which are easy to store and light weight. Goji berries are a great anti-oxidant and source of vital nutrients. The list of obvious supplements such as a good B Vitamin mix to keep the nerves in tact and Vitamin C for the immune system is growing. I have also begun begun collecting key homeopathic remedies, particularly all the flu remedies.

Once our bodily needs are taken care of comes relationships. One CMN viewer recently wrote me about his financial dilemma with investments due to the declining dollar to which I replied, my opinion only, that the new currency is the quality of our relationships with one another. If they are broken, we had better fix them because we may need to rely on the good graces of our friends, neighbors and family at one time or another if the excrement hits the fan. Or they may be relying on us and we had better be feeling generous.

As for the ethereal part of our existence, meditation and strengthening the connection with our essential/eternal self seems appropriate. If we take it to it’s logical worst case scenario, we could end up with no need for our gourmet survival kit and flashlights because our bodies have ceased to exist for some reason. This could be disconcerting for anyone who has yet to consider the bigger questions such as “Who am I?” I don’t think it’s wise to be caught out on this one. We are more than our bodies and if any catastrophe hits we do not want to be drifting in some confused out-of-body state when we could make a smooth transition to our other dimensional state. This means some soul searching, quality meditation time and, perhaps, expanded esoteric understanding might be wise.

If we are confronted with ETs, I suggest we relax. Not much we can do about that one as they may be more in control of the situation than we are. If they’re friendly, they may be able to add some clarity to the “Who am I” question if you haven’t already worked through this one.

There’s my list. Food, friends and spiritual understanding. I think that should do it. Oh, and a solar powered radio and CD player because the music should keep on playing, no matter what.