Friday, December 17, 2010

The Path to Peace

I have often been asked in radio interviews and by viewers what I feel is '...the single most important issue facing the human race?” The latter is something I’ve given a great deal of thought and always come back to the same place - integration. We are not an integrated species, though we could be. Some people call it living from the heart and it’s true that this is a big part of it. But there’s even more. I am speaking of integration of the physical/emotional animal being that is us and the transcendent, sublime portion that is known as our spirit or soul.

It’s an almost unfathomably comical, yet profoundly unfortunate, enigma. We are controlled by our emotions and mind when we have at our disposal a source of calm and wisdom that is beyond most people’s imagination. But, because we either ignore our soul or deny it exists, we are cast into a kind of ignorance that beings from other planets, dimensions and universes must scratch their varying types of heads over.

Any part of ourselves that we feed, or give attention to, gains in strength and power, just as in training the body for strength. If we are addicted to fear or anger, then we will tend to put ourselves in relationships and situations in which there is an abundance of drama, even something as innocent as watching scary movies. It feeds that emotional muscle, which allows the emotional part of us to keep itself in the driver’s seat. The mind does the same by seeking opportunities for control, judgement or separation. But the soul/spirit does none of the above.

This part of ourselves exists in a field of potential beyond our physical reality and is experienced as a subtle sense of joy and expansiveness. It is beyond judgement, blame and anger. It is the part that knows beauty, kindness and truth. We can feel it, especially in meditation, but we don’t know how to live within it. If we did, this world would look nothing like what we are seeing in front of us! Could there possibly be any endeavor more worth the effort?

Instead, we are dragged around by our noses by the institutions of the world - corporations, banks, media, religion, education, local culture and tradition - when we have peace, joy and harmony sitting right there inside us, largely ignored or underused. We also have vast psychic abilities available to us once we connect with our spirit. We could no longer be hoodwinked by the previously mentioned institutions or each other. Wouldn’t that be a world worth living in?

It’s the season dedicated to peace and joy. What if we chose to truly live within these concepts? In my next blog I will share the means by which we can begin this journey - the most meaningful journey of our lives bar none. Meanwhile, I’m wishing you peace and joy in every way you can find it!

Merry Christmas and love to all!