Monday, September 26, 2005

Turning to one another

On September 22nd we invited everyone in our hometown of Sedona, AZ to join us at the public library to become more familiar with secret technologies such as HAARP and the potential effects on weather control. The larger idea was to bring people together to not only learn about esoteric and hidden information, but to get some dialogue going about what we, as a community, are going to do if/when the U.S. starts circling the drain. Certainly many of the fingerprints of a declining civilization are already obvious. So, with all our ingenuity, how are we going to make a go of it?

To my great delight, several people in the audience had some great ways to begin such as to have regular conversational salons where we could share information about native plants for healing in case of an unavailability of medicines, homeopathy, gadgets for taking swamp water and cleaning it for drinking, those with large tracks of rural land sharing with each other for high yield organic gardening, raising chickens, understanding marshal law and much more. At the end of the meeting a beautiful big blue eyed older gentleman stood up and said he felt that, for once, this community was really going to come together and that's what we have to do now - help each other. I could see it happening right before my eyes, all we have to do is keep on talking with an open heart and a spirit of truly sharing with one another. In the end, everyone applauded him....especially me. We all agreed we need to meet at least once a month from here on out. I was singing in the parking lot on the way out....mission accomplished. People of diverse ages, beliefs and backgrounds all talking to each other in the spirit of sharing.

Back to weather control, the one thing I forgot to say the other night is that there is a great documentary on manipulating the weather on The Science Channel called "Owning the Weather." I wrote to Discovery (the parent company) and they said it would be airing again on November 17 @ 8:00 & 11:00 p.m. EST. In addition, there's a great site on weather manipulation at

Meanwhile, keep on talking to each other!

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