Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Tipping Point

Something caught my attention in a presentation recently. It was the notion, reportedly based on mathematical probabilities, that it takes only 4.7% of the population to effect a change, or to create the “tipping point.”

The tipping point is the point at which an idea or concept can be absorbed into the consciousness of the whole, or mass consciousness. This is exciting news for those of us who are waiting for a critical mass of people to embrace conscious concepts into their everyday lives so as to make the powerful and obvious changes needed to save life as we know it here on planet earth. Contrary to conventional wisdom, it doesn’t take 51%, rather just under 5%!

These modest, but potent, numbers are not entirely new information. Gregg Braden wrote of this in his book The Isiah Effect. The challenge comes in waking even 5% of the people from the deep slumber we’ve been hypnotized into as we’ve become slaves to the mortgage, our jobs, the media, our desires, even our own families. And we’re the lucky ones!

What about getting an expanded awareness of the earth’s needs onto the radar of those poor souls in Africa who are slaves to their very survival on a day-to-day basis? Or to those who are slaves to despotic political regimes? Indeed, we appear to be trapped in a frighteningly tight web of paralysis as a species while a few well-positioned and monied individuals run rampant with their agendas. But is this really our fate?

I spent an hour on the phone with physicist and spiritualist Mark Comings this evening. I became enthralled with Mark’s mind and heart while listening to him address an elite think tank in Marin County a few years ago. He spoke of the “plenum” to his mesmerized audience. Having the brilliance of a true academic, bolstered by a loving heart, he spoke simple and eloquent truths about the nature of life/space itself.

For many of us, religious training early in life left us with the distinct impression that we were separate from what was termed God - sinners from birth in some traditions. As we gaze out into the cosmos we see a lot of nothing, with a smattering of stars. When we are bad we are separated out from our fellow classmates and friends as punishment. In short, it is no surprise that we often feel a sense of isolation or emptiness.

As Mark progressed his speech he explained how science itself has proven that not only are we NEVER separate from one another, that it is in fact impossible to be separate not only from each other but from vast seas of moving light and color, sound, intelligence and our very potential itself! In fact, as Vernon Wolff states, we each have a hyper-spacial counterpart that is our Full Potential. The key is to develop a rapport with our Full Potential Self.

I call it our Soul Development. Others call it Spirit. It doesn’t matter what we call it, every one of us has an aspect of ourselves that lives beyond time and space, that dances with each other during “dreamtime”. This aspect of us chose to incarnate to learn important lessons, to offer our skills and knowledge and to refine itself. And when earth life is over, I believe we continue on the journey of refinement and remembrance in one dimension or another. So I inevitably go to the thought “What kind of place would I want to return to?” What if the thing we create today, and its extended consequences, is what we inherit later? Yikes! This is where at least a casual belief in reincarnation could be of some real value!

Back to the tipping point. By the sheer value of our knowing we are surrounded with a “plenum” of potential beyond our wildest understanding rather than a dark, empty vacuum, that we have our Full Potential Selves to guide us to our highest good and that we are never separated from each other, maybe if we hold this in our hearts and share this with our loved ones, maybe then the tipping point is only moments away. Then we can roll up our sleeves and create the kind of future we want for not only our offspring and the earth, but for our Potential Future Selves!!

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