Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When Change Comes Calling

I don’t know how it works for you, but for me there’s a moment, and in that moment I know everything is changing.
I had one such moment last week. I knew within minutes of waking to a new day that our lives were going to change radically. That we were going to leave the place we love so dearly, the people we love, and the home we love. We told our wonderful little canine companion, Genie, that we were making a big move. I knew that, at 15 years old, she may not want that kind of stress, so I thought it fair to tell her what’s going on.
Never one to fear the unknown, she gathered her will and strength and chose her exit. Healthy and bouncy until the last 3 days of her life, she gave her heart to everybody, she enjoyed a little steak, had a seizure and died. Her choice, on her terms. We are heart broken.
In the midst of all of this people ask us how we can give up the slice of heaven we call our lives. And I say this: When change comes calling, we are best to heed the call. If we do not, we bring unnecessary suffering and stagnation into our lives. It does not matter if what we have is beautiful, because there is a time and season for every phase of life.
Yes, we’ll be sad when the moving truck pulls out and when we say goodbye to such dear friends, and our beloved red rocks. But something larger is beckoning and this is not a time for sissies.
My husband Scott and I are clear on our purpose, which is to bring you information. We have people from every continent visiting Conscious Media Network, from dozens of countries – people looking for a new way to shape their lives. We can’t afford to remain in our cozy zone. We need to stretch, gather and grow to have access to ever more profound people and places to bring back to you. It’s our chosen path.
Besides, in the end, there’s never really a choice regarding change. If you don’t follow it willingly, it will come for you. So tell us Change, what’s next?

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