Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Believe in Miracles

I believe in miracles. In fact, I believe miracles are our birthright, we’ve just forgotten that.

A miracle happened recently, though some would simply call it “coincidence”. Here’s what happened,

Scott and I were feeling blue and questioning ourselves over the way in which we’re conducting “business” with Conscious Media Network. In fact, we’re really not a business just yet because we derive little income from this endeavor as we don’t charge for our videos. Every time someone suggests we do this, it simply does not sit well in our gut.

This particular morning we began to ask ourselves if we were just being stubborn in holding this position, maybe we should consider charging for our videos. Downhearted, we decided to let it be and think about it. After all, other sites charge a monthly fee and they’re doing well.

As I went on about my day I received an email from Lee Gerdes, one of the people on our site, the developer of Brain State Technololgy. Lee asked how one would make a donation to our site because an event had occurred that had confirmed to him how important our work is and how necessary it is to keep it available to people free. He told us about the event that had triggered his deepened appreciation for our Conscious Media Network.

A man, the father of several adopted children and retired military, had just left his office the following was his story,

Days earlier he had made a decision he had flirted with for many years, which was to kill himself with a shot in the mouth. He had purchased his gun, had his will done, checked into stipulations for suicide on the insurance policy and chosen the site. He planned to end his life the following day.

While his commitment was real because he wanted an end to his internal suffering, he knew in some small place in his heart that he would prefer to live, if only there were a way to do it without the unbearable mental and emotional pain he experienced. With that thought, he logged on to Conscious Media Network on the off chance there might be some new inspiration and wisdom – a miracle of sorts. He was drawn to the picture of Lee Gerdes and decided to watch the interview. With the hope of a miracle in his heart, he called Lee’s office, which, by coincidence, was in the city in which he lived. “Sorry, we’re booked for weeks in advance” he was told, to which he replied “That’ll be too late.” Just then they got a cancellation.

Thirty-six hours and 3 sessions later, the man said he could see his life clearly, as an objective observer. He knew that he would never consider suicide as an option again as he could now see the devastating effects it would have had on so many people around him, no less his Self. He thanked Lee profusely for saving his life and told him that if he had not been able to hear his words, he would no longer be alive. He said that he eternally grateful that he found Lee on our site and that everything that happens from that day forward is due to our interview and Lee’s Brain State Technology

He told me later that had he had to deal with PayPal or a credit card while in that emotional state he would have simply cruised somewhere else to find information. But, our site was the only one with an interview with Lee. He thanked me again.

A few days later a donation came in the mail to help keep the information free to all, because for every person who tells their story, there are many more who don’t.

The man’s life was saved, Lee was a hero, and we got our answer. Conscious Media Network is and will remain free to all who care to see and hear.

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