Thursday, October 16, 2008

Creating Reality

It's the wee hours and I just awakened from a dream in which I was being tutored in the process of creating reality. The dream is as follows:

There was a politician whom I had heard about to the extent that I had a perception of their personality and had seen their face passing by in the media enough to have a picture of it. Yet, I had not assigned any importance or clear identification to this being. Then I was shown, or asked, to draw their face. I drew it in detail, including the nuances of expression such as a smile, but with a hint of deceit, brute strength and even arrogance. When I finished the picture, I was told - “Now they are real.”

I understood that I had created them. I had invested my attention on them. Until this time they were simply background noise, field of possibility. Now I had concretized them as a clear entity on the stage of my life. Once I had “put a name to it” (or in this, put a detailed face to it) I brought them to life from the field of possibilities to become a part of my life’s experience, which means to act with or react to. It became clear that this is the process by which we bring everything “into existence” both good and bad - elementary, but profound in its “naming” it.

These dreams have been going on for a while, each a little different, showing creation in many ways, but I appreciated this one because of it’s directness and simplicity.

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