Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This Is How It Happened

This is how it happened.

We had been waiting for months for our home to sell so we could get on with our lives. When the housing market began slowing, then turning stone cold, we let go of our expectations and decided to make the best of the situation. I learned long ago not to push, as the universe and the magic of manifestation has it's own speed.

Content to develop our new Brain Harmonizer business, and keep up with the joys and demands of Conscious Media Network, we decided to relax and enjoy our home and lives in Sedona. No worries.

As the holidays approached, we took a trip to Sacramento for Thanksgiving weekend to see family. As we were about to return to Sedona, and were headed to the airport, I had an intuitive "hit" to go by my old office in the downtown area. I just wanted to see what office leases were going for these days strictly out of curiosity - a 2 minute stop. (As an aside, I kept having a vision of a Brain Harmonizer office on the same street as my old office, but I thought it would belong to some friends who were thinking of becoming Brain State trainers.)

The first thing I noticed was that the sign had been torn off the office suite door. A realty sign in front of the complex suggested there was space available. Excited, yet with no solid intention of starting a business in Sacramento, I said to my husband "If this space is available I'll take it as a sign that we should consider having an office here." Scott was open to the possibility.

We called the leasing agent immediately, and, to my surprise, my old office had just come off a long lease and was available. What's more, they had only raised the price $200 dollars in the last 13 years! Now, as Larry the Cable Guy would say, "There's your sign!"

We responded to the moment and agreed to sign a lease. We would move our business from our home office in Sedona to the Sacramento office, which would create a more professional environment and allow for expansion. We'd figure out what to do with our home later.

As you might guess, a day or so after we signed the lease, we received an offer on our home. After a quick counter offer the deal was done. No fuss.

Afterward I thought about it. Had we sold our home two or three months prior, we would not have been in position to reconnect with my old office, as the previous long-term tenant was still occupying the space. In addition, our plan to re-locate was becoming fuzzier as the seasons had changed and diminished the desire to head north into the long dark days and nights of winter.

While the quantum field of manifestation needs to have space/permission in which to operate, it abhors a vacuum. As usual, our higher selves and intuitive guidance had a clearer bird's eye view of the situation and began engineering the events only when there was a clear intention to "get on with it". Once again, I marveled at the beauty of the process of intuition/intention/manifestation - the everyday magic by which we live our lives. And, of course, a big juicy kiss to our guides!

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