Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Take a breath....

Where do we begin to sort out all that is being thrown at us? If you care to hang with me for a moment, I am going to start with the satellite view back to earth.

Every single one of us has chosen to incarnate in these profound times. Every person on earth made this choice as a soul. The issue has been that we have lost awareness of our true beyond-space-and-time-selves, which has not allowed us to see the larger picture and take responsibility for it. This is why I feel we must accept that none of this is ‘happening TO us' in spite of the obvious evidence to the contrary. This is critical.

How often have you heard the story that someone you know, or have read about, didn’t hear the signals that change was needed until they were hit by a train, be it physical illness, financial ruin, divorce, death of a loved one, etc.? What are these times other than a signal to each and every soul that change is needed, not just personally, but collectively as a species inhabiting this beautiful planet.

I have had some conversations with David Icke recently regarding the nature of reality. We spoke of the controllers and the controlled/asleep. We also spoke of the fact that the controllers, who he has often spoken of as an inter-dimensional species known as Reptilians, feel this is their earth. I added that those who are from other planets, i.e. ETs, who have been living underground for millennia, also consider this to be their earth. There are other life forms who have been here since the beginning as well. Then there is the human species, itself split in it's origins, few remembering their true home or source, who believe that this is our earth as well. One problem, we agreed, is that we have too many divergent levels of consciousness to co-exist in a harmonious way at present. While some seek divine awakening and love, others seek to enslave the rest for their own security and profit. How do we reconcile this?

I believe the multi-dimensional human being has a great potential, when awakened, for healing the damage of the ages as the vast majority of us have an innate high level of consciousness. Yes, there are off-planet cultures who have advanced their technology thousands of years beyond ours, but this does not speak to creativity and compassion. Yes, there are those who have held the reigns tightly, controlling us, in fear of our awakening. And, yes, there are benevolent non-physical beings who are here whispering into our ears, helping us connect with the transcendent part of ourselves. The earth is an amazing place in this way - even if the differences seem irreconcilable at present.

Down in the trenches, Naomi Wolfe has been warning of potentially catastrophic events that have been set into motion with the deployment of U.S. troops onto U.S. soil to stifle protest (October 1st). Look for the video on our site of YouTube for details. Who dare do this without our knowledge or approval?

What action do we take when we learn that the executive branch of this government reportedly strong-armed the Congress into voting for a bailout the congressmen were not even allowed to study before the vote? A bailout that their constituents were overwhelmingly against? According to Rep. Brad Sherman, martial law in the U.S. was threatened if Congress did not follow orders to pass the "rescue package".

Take a step further back, George Green told us that the Chinese government said they would consider it an ‘act of war’ if the congress allowed the economy to tank. Why? Because we owe them more money than anyone can begin to accurately count. If this is true, and I have not confirmed this elsewhere, what is right action?

And it goes on and on. There is no unraveling the mess we’re in except to become spiritual adults who have knowingly chosen to be part of this play. So, this is where I turn toward finding the opportunity embedded in the chaos. For many, many of us life in the future is likely going to look different from what it was even a couple of months ago. When money supplies dry up things change. Let’s assume that to be true.

First, if you should find yourself caught in the financial melee, look around you and find your friends and allies. What do you have to offer them? We may need to engage on a more accountable level with each other now. You have some cash, I can cook. I need a place to live and you need child care. I have land and you have a green thumb. You have a car part and I have some canned goods. It's basic stuff. Let's be prepared to help each other.

We also need to learn how to feed ourselves and our families so that we do not continue to create a species of chronically ill people. It's time to become educated regarding our health and well-being.

Tight times also offer the opportunity to balance family karma as many will be thrown back together again. Old wounds can be healed. We’re going to need each other so let’s begin by opening our minds and hearts.

Next; our sovereignty as citizens of planet earth. Who are these characters that have been doing our bidding - badly? First, we must realize that these survivalist, calculating and fear-based beings who masquerade as people can only exist if we play in their realms of fear and contraction. Stop listening to, watching and reading their media. Stop purchasing their frivilous goods. Stop freaking out because the fake money they created is no longer flowing. It's been a trap all along.

As for our politicians, we have the power to throw them out. Yes, election fraud is a reality, but face it, it still took a lot of supporters to put the Bush ticket in a close enough race that fraud could tip it one way or another. We must vote in large numbers and throw every incumbent out, save for the handful of brave ones! We have the ability to do that even if our vote is for the “lesser of evils”.

Next, we need to become familiar with what were once our rights. Why is it that the president of the United States and his side kicks are not in jail for crimes committed against humanity? Why are the Wall Street 'masters of the universe' who have bankrupted the world's economies while collecting multi-million dollar bonus’ walking free when a woman or man who forges a check goes to jail? What kind of collective coma have we been in to let this happen?

While the list of opportunities for right action would be too long to chronicle, I am suggesting that each and every one of us has a 100% responsibility to act. Let’s find a way to do it both personally and collectively. Yes, it will be awkward at first as we are out of practice as far as our emergency response skills as a species are concerned. I have faith that every one of us has the intelligence, creativity and certainly the motivation to take a first step, which is the hardest. It's up to you to determine what that step may be.

In the end it’s we who must restore this democracy, this economy and our sovereignty as human beings and it’s going to take some work. It will require that we recognize what part we have each played in this global drama to bring it to this point. Only then will be begin to realize our power as spiritual adults. We are massively creative, multi-dimensional beings who have allowed ourselves to be manipulated and dominated by careless beings who care nothing for us. In our commitment to mastering spiritual adulthood, we must also address our own internal naiveté, laziness and even karma in some cases. Hey, nothing to be embarrassed about - we’re all in it together!

In the end, we have no choice. If we continue to sit on our hands watching the show go by, we are going to get more of what we have, and worse, for many future generations to come. Either we take back the game and restore our sense of humanity in a more mature, balanced and spiritual manner, or we are going to be led down a steep and ugly slope. We're better than that. And I for one do not want to explain to my grandchildren why I did nothing at a critical point in earth's evolution!

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