Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"Cash" Problems

While I am not stupid enough to think I’ve seen it all, I must say this one was one of those “Oh My God!”moments.

Some friends of ours were visiting and, naturally, the talk turned to one of our mutual concerns – the invisible hand that is controlling us all through the media, food supply, medical profession, drug industry and so forth. You don’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to be aware that this Hand exists anymore – it’s everywhere. By the way, this might be a good time to add that another term for “Conspiracy Theory” is “Unspeakable Truths”.

One of our guests, Bruce, said “Stand-up. I want to show you something.” He had us stick out our arm to do traditional kinesiology testing. Once he got the basic Yes/No responses, he handed us a $20 dollar bill. He placed it in our hand in a random position, folded or flat. Each of our arms tested strong. He then handed it to us again with the instructions that our thumbs were placed in a specific spot and tested our strength again. Each of our arms went weak. We did not have the strength to resist the same pressure he had just exerted on our arm a moment ago with the randomly placed $20 bill.

After we giggled and looked perplexed, he showed us what our thumb had been placed upon. It was the Illuminati “Eagle” type image you’ll find over the right shoulder of Andrew Jackson on the face of the bill.

Next up he said “Let’s try this again with quarters. Quarters are popular because we need them for parking meters and such right?”

He tested us by having us hold a stack of three quarters. Each of us remained strong. He tested us again on a second stack of three quarters. We each went weak. The difference? The second stack of quarters was comprised of the new “States” series.

The insidiousness of the attempts to weaken and control our lives hit me with a deep, dull thud. I thought I was pretty aware of the “Unspeakable truths”, but it goes way beyond what I had imagined. I wrote to David Icke and told him of this experience and he wrote back saying, in effect, “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people!”

I don’t have any answers or suggestions here to this tiny reflection of a problem of such enormity other than to put your money in a titanium case and handle it with asbestos gloves when you whip your wallet out at the checkout counter. Meanwhile, I think we need to take an even deeper look at what surrounds us that we’ve have been asleep to. Here’s a fun one. Watch your favorite television program and just do a casual count of the types of commercials that pass by in a hour. When I do watch the tube, I find myself doing this for my own amusement. “Drugs. Drugs. Violent video games for the holidays. US Army Wants you. Drugs. Hummers….” And so on. You get the picture really fast that the media is very bad for your health. Apparently, so is cash.

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