Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes, we can!

I just finished watching a video on the “truth about voting” by Stefan Molyneux of FreedomainRadio. I found myself annoyed with his bitterness and clicked off the page.

Yes, it’s true that the electoral system is beyond flawed. Yes, the self proclaimed elite of our societies give us only the illusion of freedom. Yes, we can live in this eternally depressing belief and sit on our hands in judgement of the more naive who are celebrating the perceived courage of a nation today and do nothing but criticize them for their ignorance. “Yes, we can do this” in the words of the president elect. But to what end?

Scott and I created CMN as a safe place for people to explore vital, inspirational and challenging information. Many people come to the site because they have just had wedged into their consciousness the notion that the story they have bought into their entire life is a lie. The first step in growth is to assess what is, and the picture can look pretty grim. The knowledge of skulduggery leads to anger, which leads to action, sometimes revenge. All of these stages of growth are important. But what all of these initial stages of expansion of consciousness lead to is something much finer in nature - the understanding of how consciousness, particularly mass consciousness, can shift what we know as reality.

We talk about the matrix, about shifting it into a finer dimension. What the Stefan Molyneuxs of the world do not appear to understand is that there will be no upward movement in the plight of mankind without massive doses of desire and hope for a brighter future.

As I watched the faces in the crowds of celebrants after Obama was declared the winner of the presidential election, I saw something amazing. Wide eyes, hopeful and glistening looking up to someone they perceive as a genuine voice for the new. These eyes were on black faces, white faces, young and old faces. Americans felt redeemed and hopeful after 8 disgraceful and embarrassing years in the world theater. Delirium might even be the more correct word, though Obama himself exercised great caution as to the dangers of becoming giddy when such immense challenges lie ahead.

All of this said, emotion is energy. Last night and today, around the world, the human species fueled the grid with nothing short of joy. Remember the notion of “where two or more gather?” Whether the human species is naive and ignorant of what lies ahead or not, the value of hundreds of millions of people mustering up faith, joy and courage cannot be brushed aside by cynicism. Cynics are said to be broken hearted optimists. A full heart is far more powerful than a broken heart, and I believe the collective joy of millions of people may have made one of the most important energetic strides of our lifetimes by having the courage to believe in something again. Though the honeymoon will end sooner than we would like to think, I believe our night of unbridled hope is beyond the reach of the cold and calculating forces that seek to subdue humankind. They are running out of steam while millions of us are beginning to wake up to the fraud of their rule. And, if it is possible that a single day of collective hope and joy can shift the matrix, that day may be November 4th, 2008.

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