Monday, September 28, 2009

From Regina: On Lying

Lying creates a deep schism within the psyche, a dissonance that renders the individual impotent and at odds with the self.

Collective lying creates agreements of mass dissonance. Mass dissonance allows for the impotent to be manipulated by any clearer directive, be it angelic or demonic. The liar attempts to gain control of their world by subjecting others to the dissonance. This allows for a perceived control over, and manipulation of, others.

When a clearer force meets with the liar, the liar will succumb.

The entire planet is in dissonance because so many lies have been foisted upon the masses to keep them subdued and in a state of supporting the larger entities, i.e. corporations, militaries, governments and religions. The perpetrators of the lies are not beings of high understanding, rather ones who seek to exploit the earth's people.

It is known throughout the universe that the vast majority of the earth's people have the creative fire at their core. Once ignited through truth and resonance, we will no longer be controllable.

We can "feel" truth, even if we cannot name it. The movement known as Radical Honesty is not good to begin this reclamation of resonance. Rather we can begin by sharing feelings and perceptions without judgement.

(I will be sharing more on this topic in October's 5th Element for CMN subscribers.)

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