Friday, September 25, 2009

Science is Evolving At Last!

Scott and I met with Nassim Haramein yesterday and talked to him about his recent award in the field of physics. Specifically, Haramein's paper won the prestigious "Best Paper Award" in the field of “Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Field Theory, and Gravitation” at a prestigious conference at the University of Liege in Belgium.

In our upcoming interview with Nassim (October 1st), Nassim shares the more comedic side of how the news of the award was delivered to him. But what made my heart soar was to know that this man, who has been considered a self-educated rebel, has proven, via a mathematical model, the theory of "oneness." And his peers acknowledged him for this!

This was perhaps the most hopeful moment I've experienced when it comes to a true evolutionary shift for our species. As we discussed in the interview, science has been too arrogant to acknowledge that the newer sciences have moved beyond the old models of reality. This acknowledgement of Nassim's work is like a wedge between the doors of the old and new paradigms, allowing the light to shine in.

There is no turning back now. This acknowledgment will give validation to the some of the ancient understandings of energy and perceptions of reality, to the development of new, clean, unlimited energy technologies and so much more. And we have a man who, at the age of 9, began asking new questions and who has persisted to this day until he was satisfied that he had struck upon something so scientifically true, and so true in his heart, that it could no longer be ignored. Thank you Nassim!

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