Friday, September 25, 2009

Mandatory Vaccines Appear Imminent in UK

It's now two days since this post and, after a large petition campaign to block mandatory vaccinations, the UK government has made the following statement in an email, possibly due to public pressure:

"No decision has been taken to embark on a mass vaccination campaign, but any vaccination against swine flu would not be compulsory. Everyone has a right to refuse the swine flu vaccination, or any other vaccination. Where a child is too young to consent themselves to being vaccinated, the right to decide rests with the person with parental responsibility."

This follows news from an acquaintance of Scott's in England who had written to her member of parliament asking whether or not the H1N1 vaccine would become mandatory. Here is the response from David TC Davies MP:

...There are eventual plans to vaccinate everyone in the United Kingdom, once sufficient supplies of the vaccine are in stock. Children will be prioritized as, so far, under 18s seem to have had the worst reaction to the swine flu virus, with several deaths in this age group. I believe we need to do all we can to protect our children against avoidable threats......

The entire document can be read under our WORD section of the site. At present, there is no mandatory vaccination in place in the U.S., perhaps in part due to a Federal District court preliminary ruling a couple of weeks ago that ruled forced vaccination to be illegal as the vaccines had not been properly tested for safety. This document can be found on our WORD page as well. The news industry soon parroted this position saying that "Vaccines will be left to the discretion of the individual." There is thought, however, that this may be a tactic to take the wind out of the sails of the public, who have been gearing up to resist. The net effect would be to take the public by surprise once a mandatory status is enforced.

Meanwhile, both legislative houses the state of Massachusetts have authorized a statue that will allow police to forcibly administer vaccines to every man, woman and child if Governor Deval Patrick declares a state of emergency over the swine flu. If you haven't already done so, take a look at the video link of a FOX interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano on forced vaccines in Massachusetts: (

Back to the Brits, protest groups in England are not going to sleep on this one. There is a major rally being organized in the UK for October 3rd in opposition to the forced vaccines.

We've posted a great deal of information on this subject, including what to do if you were faced with vaccination or losing your job during these stressful financial times, as an example, and how to protect your body and brain from the effects of the noxious vaccine. We'll keep you informed as any new information comes in.

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