Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clif High's Chemtrail Predictions

Asymetric Language Trend analyst Clif High stated in his recent report that there was expected to big an upward shift in efforts to spray the citizenry of the Western world with higher concentrations of contaminants via chemtrails and other cloud forming technologies. This would be toward the end of weakening our immune systems. I took note of this in his 50 page report. thus wasn't surprised to hear of the following sent to us by Eileen, a regular CMN "researcher".

Starting as early as mid-September, NASA was set to conduct rocket experiments warmly called CARE. The Charged Aerosol Release Experiment will create artificial clouds at the outermost layer of earth's atmosphere. Meanwhile, a scientist at Virginia Tech named Wayne Scales will study the physics of the artificial dust cloud as it's released. The hope is that it will create an artificial dust layer. I believe you and I are paying for this, thought it certainly sounds as though it should come from one of the deeper black ops budgets due to its seemingly darker implications.

This "dust" will include one of the prime constituents of chemtrails - aluminum oxide, known to be toxic to our neurological systems. The clouds are expected to move around, settle and such over the course of weeks, even months. The first launch is now two weeks past. Meanwhile, just 7 days after the first launch of the dust spewing rocket, eastern Australia was engulfed in darkness as a dust storm of historic proportions swept the country producing hazardous air and gale-forced winds. This anomaly was followed by an onslaught of typhoons and flooding in the Philippines where our poor brothers and sisters are left grabbing live electrical wires in an attempt to save their lives as the waters rise. In addition a major earthquake in Indonesia has claimed the lives of 1,100 people with thousand more injured and a 20 foot tsunami in Samoa and American Samoa has left more than 100 dead and thousands displaced.

I cannot not say with certainty these things are directly related, but we do know that technology, including HAARP (Katrina) has been employed to move weather systems with great accuracy. It is believed that HAARP and chemtrails work in tandem, though I have only read theories on how this is thought to be done. Clif High's report also states that we are going to be seeing new brands of chem trails. One only needs to look at the picture here to see that these are no longer ordinary fuel interactions from commercial jets with moisture at high elevations.

What is concerning to me is that, among other social aggravators, the film 2012 is coming to a theater near you very soon. We are being inundated with End Days scenarios. Armageddon has been blasting from Christian radio stations for years now and plastered on billboards. I don't believe for a moment that the Hidden Hands are not capitalising on our rising levels of fear for our own survival. How convenient to operate under a blanket that leads the masses to expect anomalous and cataclysmic events, while using Black ops technologies to manipulate our weather systems and earthplate activity.

My wish is that those who know better rise above the manipulation and keep your eyes focused heaven-ward. Not for chemtrails, but as a reminder we are part of something much larger and we have agreed to use this time in history to restore the beauty of the human race and how we live with our host, Gaia. The Mayan prophecy is about the end of an era, not the death of the species. We are leaving behind an era of darkness, ignorance and secrecy, and transforming ourselves to the next finer level of human being. The likely truth is we and our offspring are going to be exploited to the last minute by those lower thinking individuals who believe in scarcity and that only They deserve to Have.

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