Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Next Generation

You may have noticed a young man named Stuart Campbell on the right side of our homepage. You might also be wondering how he got this gig for CMN. Simple. He's my son. And he's really smart.

To give you a little background on Stuart. As he grew up alongside me, I shared with him everything I was learning along the way. This, of course, was tempered by his age and ability to comprehend. Still, little was off-base in terms of our exploring concepts together. This was augmented with a Waldorf education in which creativity and self expression were part of his curriculum.

At a very young age he was having lucid dreams in which he was the hero, one who led the way. If the "bad guy" was about to attack him or his friends, Stuart would stand up to him on behalf of everyone, taking the blow. Because he was a lucid dreamer, he always found these interactions more interesting than disturbing as he was aware he was in a dream.

As he reached his teenage years, we discussed the complex issues I was pondering at the time so it did not surprise me when he chose philosophy as his major in college. In spite of being severely dyslexic, he waded through volumes of classic philosophy, logic, and the rest while attending Socrates Club meetings. No longer resonating with what he called the dry premises of western philosophy, he started an alternative philosophy club in Tempe, AZ where he was attending Arizona State University. While the disciplines gained in college were relevant, the philosophical discourses of the past were not answering the need of his generation - a generation that has a great need for connectivity and straight answers.

After graduation he began writing for an Arts and News paper as well as a local news blog covering topics that he felt are relevant for he and his peers on subjects such as the social effects of gossip, intuition, and finding purpose in life.

Anyone who knows Stuart will tell you that he has an uncommon type of grace and wisdom for a person of his years. He has chosen to use the media as an outlet to discover the deeper answers to the questions of he and his peers. An entrepreuner by day, waiter by night and philosopher in the making, I trust my son to help forge the way into the collective psyche of the Next Generation. He will be offering his conversations with contemporary artists on a monthly basis through CMN.

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