Saturday, May 22, 2010

Raw Courage

We just returned from a production trip to So. California and met with Aajonus Vonderplanitz, among others. I was a bit nervous about the interview, which is not like me. Trying to trace the source of my discomfort, I found that I had created a portrait of this man in my mind that was primitive, almost animal like.

Aajonus was forced into a position of choosing to live or die at a very early age. He chose life, but what sustained him was raw food, and not the polite kind of raw diet such as raw cocoa chocolate bars, Cafe Gratitude Mexican Fiesta, cashew and date smoothie raw. I mean raw, as in raw meat. Having been a vegetarian for 20 years for philosophical reasons, my mind could not jump over this hurdle. I have often wondered, in fact, what I would do if it were up to me to kill an animal in the wild and dig into with my teeth for my own survival. Repeatedly, I concluded that I would likely allow myself to die. But, I would imagine that most of the women in the Donner Party might have said the same thing prior to their unfortunate journey west.

In a few minutes we were going to meet a man who is an advocate for raw fat, raw eggs, raw dairy and raw animal proteins - raw meat. I certainly did not consider the eating of sushi primitive, it's all dressed up in seaweed, rice and cucumber, it looks polite. I have made smoothies with raw egg and raw milk many times with no harmful consequences. This nervousness was unreasonable.

When we arrived at Aajonus' home we found a white cottage covered in ivy, bouganvilla all around with birds singing, and tidy little tile steps with a persian style rug to wipe our shoes at the entryway. His demeanor was kind and mild and artwork of lotus blossoms and a beautiful Asian woman with a bowl of incense hung from the walls. My body relaxed. I felt so idiotic, but it showed me the fear of the primal that lives within myself, and many others.

As I listened to his story, I was struck at the courage it took for this sensitive, very ill, vegetarian young man to make such a choice to eat raw flesh. This is someone who wanted to live. The unadulterated proteins, enzymes and natural bacteria brought him back to life. Today he tells the story of this journey to wellness, which we will be posting to the site on June 1st. Meanwhile, I was so inspired by his research, the testimonials of others and his own story that I decided to return to raw dairy, eggs and butter. I may even try sushi or ceviche at some point, though it will likely be a long while before I muster the courage to jump into a plate of steak tartare!

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