Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Body's New Needs

As I was watching a documentary on global dimming, I began to recall information given to me by my intuitive "teacher" several years ago. I was told at that time that the earth had entered what they referred to as a "comic event" as there were no other appropriate words to describe what we were experiencing. They said that the earth was entering the edge of the event, but that it was moving through our entire solar system over time, though I was not given the duration.

It was described as being a rust colored energy field that would create a great deal of pressure on all living beings and systems on earth as well as the sun. The pressure would create disturbances of a geological type and would also effect the magnetic fields of the planet. They went on to explain that our brains would not be functioning as efficiently in the case of many people and that magnetic and other types of support would be needed. The conclusion was that it was "known by all" [from other galaxies, etc.] for a very long time that earth and our solar system would be experiencing this profound, and challengin, period. One could say that this is part of the other streams of information regarding earth changes and such. It likely is.

That was about 5-6 years ago. While watching the Dimming video and contemplating the overlapping of so many events, I suddenly became overwhelmed with the urge to go into a deep meditation.This often happens when there is something specific for me to be made aware of. The following is what I was shown and I took notes the entire time.

Notes on the meditation:

The energies that once prevailed allowed for any number of metabolizations of elements found upon the earth. This was dramaticlly changed when humans began interfering with the chemical structure of the food supplies.  This does not end there. There is an additional factor. This has to do with the environment itself. If you do not have the same ethers surrounding the body as you once had, you do not have the same metabolic support for your synthesis of nutrients. Imagine if you did not have oxygen as an example. This would change dramatically how you would metabolize the fuels the body needs for survival. In this sense, but to a lesser, degree, this has occured on earth. The [food supplies] that are supported at this time are of a different nature than what was once supported. The best for the human body now are the vegetables and the fruits of the earth, though many have been contaminated. The reason for this is that the bodies of the other animals are struggling to the same extent as the humans due to this environmental and atmospheric change. The bodies of these animals have been compromised by the same forces we speak of. 

The body has adapted to the atmospheric conditions that have supported metabolic functions, but the conditions have changed and the body must now adapt to the synthesis of different matter [food] that is more compatible with the new atmospheric support. The heavier proteins are being more damaged by the day. It is best that you limit intake of these and rely more on the lighter supplies of food such as the vegetables and juices that are properly raised [organic]. They are adapting more quickly to the changed atmospheric conditions and remain more intact with their compatibility with the needs of the human body. You must also understand that you will need to take in more fluids of a green nature....they [leaves and herbs] are the most adapted now to the needs of the new physical body that is in it's progression. 

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