Friday, June 04, 2010

Undoing the Bilderberg Agenda

I awoke feeling feeling edgy and somewhat depressed. Thinking meditation might smooth out the jagged frequencies, I settled in to calm my mind. Within minutes the restlessness turned to anger, the anger to resolve. Then a vision of untethered strings floating aloft appeared. I  knew immediately what this meant.

Five days ago I interviewed Lucia RenĂ©, author of Unplugging the Patriarchy. Though the novel is fantastical in nature, reminiscent of a Celestine Prophecy, it is, in fact, a thinly disguised account of Lucia's experience. 

Studying under a mystic teacher for 17 years, she and a couple other women, were given the task of undoing the energetic underpinnings of the patriarchy, unplugging the energy of the power elite from earth's energetic matrix. In her meditations she saw the energy under the City of London as a giant squid-like form. The strings I was seeing were a metaphor for this, as I had begun writing a blog yesterday about the Bildergerg meeting taking place this minute in a small Catalonian town, Sitges, about 20 southwest of Barcelona.

Protesters line the red carpet, media are camping outside the hotel, luxury limousines discreetly pull into back entrances - it's the show of shows. These are the most influential people on the planet - royalty, prime ministers, CEOs, moguls, media stars - you can even find their names on a roster published by the group itself:

They will decide what you will pay for gas at the pump. They will decide which countries will recover or fail economically. They will decide which military confrontations will be supported. They will decide which new virus' and antidotes/vaccines will be released and who will win the contracts (read my blog Big Pharma's Rock Stars, Danny Vasella is on the list again). They will examine if and when the time is right to roll out a global or regional currency. They will even decide our future weather patterns and natural disasters (read black ops - HAARP & Chemtrails). These people are not our friends.

I felt myself near tears in realizing we can watch them, practically touch them, but it seems that there has been little we can do stop them. These same interests have been in control of this planet for thousands of years. It passes on through both bloodlines and mutually beneficial favor. If you were to take it to the end of the conspiratorial road, some would say you could include manipulation by a rogue 'off-planet culture'. To me only one thing matters: When are we going to stop this madness?

Though we may never know the full mechanics of this ghastly arrangement, we can nevertheless begin undoing it. I agree with Lucia, the patriarchy is dying, an ugly death at that. The feminine principles that live within each one of us are screaming to be heard, to heal. Where do we begin? By unplugging from the system. We do not need to watch their media, buy their goods, indiscreetly gulp their oil, allow their vaccines to be pumped into our little children's arms. In the end they are us. They are (mostly) human too. They only know the game of control, secrecy and power and they will not unplug from their privileged positions voluntarily.

So, I recommend this. If each of us can take some quiet time over the weekend to see their work undoing itself. Everything set in motion comes undone and spins backward, tentacles break and float freely, vision it however it makes sense in your mind. See yourself as a powerful warrior or peace. 

I, as one, am going to join in Lucia's efforts to unplug their influence from our lives. You don't have to be a mystic, you just need to decide enough is enough. Quietly, purposefully, vision the control broken. Vision the societies of the world healing in harmony with natural law. It's a start. And, since this life is only our collective creation/illusion, we can undo it too. 

Please share this with whomever you feel  will take the time to focus over the weekend. The Bilderberg group meets through Sunday. 

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