Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Wake-Up Fairy

It's difficult at time to know where to place my consciousness in writing my blog. In the last instance, I was in the emotions. At other times I'm in my mind, heart or listening to my soul's truth. Every event we witness can be observed from any of these levels. What determines which way I choose to relay my experience of the events is the sense of urgency surrounding it. In truth, I have only one goal, no matter what I write about, just one goal.

Humanity is in a very delicate state of awakening. It's as if we are collectively rubbing our eyes, startled, wondering how we got here, what's going on, who we are and who the others are.  I am referring to the unfolding of our memory. We have been in an amnesic state for many thousands of years. We are not evolving from primitive cave dwelling status, we are remembering our former understandings and capabilities as highly evolved, electrical, creative, non-physical beings who are wearing a human body. I am committed to fostering, and be part of, this awakening.

The global cabal of individuals who have chosen, throughout this long, dark period of consciousness, to exploit the human species while we have been asleep and unaware need to be identified and held accountable. It is no different than a grown man taking sexual advantage of a little girl or a mentally disabled woman. No different at all. We haven't been awake enough to know that we have been taken advantage of. Though it's true that any one of us may have been part of that cabal in past times/incarnations, this does not negate the need for accountability now.

In fact, one comment posted in my last blog was that we need to own our own inner Bilderberg. This is quite true in terms of our own internal development. It's also true that a great percentage of the population has not chosen to take responsibility for our own plight. Still, there is a factor that must be acknowledged - to thwart our own growth through laziness and ignorance is one thing, to intentionally exploit the vulnerable is quite another.

When I see a man beating up his wife, or a mother beating her child, my instinct is to walk up and stop it. Yes, I am aware that there is personal karma there that I will never know. Still, there is an innate part of us that is compassionate and cannot bear to see one another harmed. This is individuated consciousness. Compassion, causing no harm, non-judgement, these are the attributes our species is attempting to develop - to remember. This task is made much more difficult when we are being offered candy, media (the heroine of the masses) and deceit.

Finally, there is a difference between judgement and discernment. Judgement often carries a desire for revenge or to see another suffer. Discernment does not. It simply means to identify where problems and solutions lie and set into motion the appropriate response. Humanity needs to employ a great deal of discernment at this time. Are we being lied to? Are we being manipulated? To what end? Where have we failed ourselves? Once we answer these questions, we can calmly put into place a personal strategy for our conscious awakening. Turning a blind eye to 'what is' only perpetuates more ignorance and slumber.

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