Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wake-Up Fairy continued...

My last blog, The Wake Up Fairy, drew some very insightful comments, all of which I feel have truth in them. There is still a point at which the two roads of perception split - one takes the belief that we must have a conscious hand in creating our reality while the other believes that a Divine Creator has the ultimate creative say and that all is perfect as it is.
If there is a profound gift to the times in which we live, it’s that quantum science and spirituality are no longer at odds. It is now possible for the mind and the heart to rest peacefully alongside one another with the understanding that creation follows thought/desire/feeling. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” 
Every stitch of what we call ‘reality’ was created by our own thoughts, desires and beliefs. Whether we listen to our preferred physicists or spiritual mystics, the message is the same. Our reality is no more and no less than our thoughts and beliefs solidified. The pictures in our mind, powered by our committed emotions - positive or negative - magnetize electromagnetic particles, in simplified terms, into taking form. That form ultimately becomes manifest into the physical dimension. This is our reality. 
While it may not seem possible when we see people suffering, one of the unique characteristics of our magnificent planet is that we have the sovereign right of choice. While many will argue the complexities of free-will, we cannot argue that we are presented choices on a veritable moment by moment basis. This picture is fleshed out when we realize that the most infinite aspect of ourselves, we’ll call it the soul, also has the power to make choices. These choices may appear to be more subconscious in nature, but they give the larger directive to our lives, the container from which we make all of the other choices.
If our reality is a reflection of our chosen thoughts, emotions/feelings and belief, then we are one hundred percent responsible for our creation, our lives. As I mentioned in The Wake Up Fairy, this is not to say that our perceptions cannot be managed and manipulated by others. Thus, we can easily make our choices based on flawed input if there is a powerful enough medium in place for programming our individual and collective thoughts. 
When we have a small number of  individuals who have learned to wield power controlling the medium - fields of perception - you have the potential for a vast array of flawed inputs. The majority of the population willingly submits to these inputs via media of all types (including religion and education), which often models a life that is driven by fear, scarcity, envy, violence, prejudice, greed and desire of every kind. While it can be argued that dark influences exist so we have something to choose between, a change in outcome still requires our participation - our choice. 
The only way in which the outcome changes is if we understand the basic creation principles. We must conceive of it, see it, feel it and believe it to manifest our vision. This IS the Creator in action. The people who wield power know this and use the same principles for their creations. 
If you believe that we can create a more abundant, loving, generous, whole and joyful world, then consciously choose it. God is a part of the infinite aspect of each and every one of us, which means there is no outside influence to choose our destiny/reality for us. 
(For the sake of thoroughness, the cosmic energies our solar system is experiencing are heightening the frequencies, which, in turn, allow us to expand into the true awareness of  the principles of creation. This is what I believe to be part of the 2012 phenomena - the re-emergence of the aware, creative human being.)

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