Saturday, September 18, 2010

Godshill Enigma

As Scott and I continue our journey around England conducting interviews and visiting Scott’s family, we found ourselves on the Isle of Wight yesterday for an afternoon visit with David Icke.

As David drove us around the island I would oooh and ahhh at the quaint little villages, tea shops, hardware stores and pubs. “David, this is so cute!” I said as we drove through a tiny village called Godshill. He, in response, explained that the Isle of Wight was perhaps the most heavily implicated community in England, per capita, in terms of pedophilia, drug running, satanic rituals and other Masonic activity with some of the people in and around Godshill seriously implicated. My mind immediately jumped to the comedy film Hot Fuzz in which the sleepy English village was struggling with a series of grisly murders. An earnest, but naïve, policeman was brought in from London to investigate, only to find out that at the core of the town was a secret society of townsfolk who murdered their fellow citizens over various mundane quarrels.

Godshill appeared to be just such a sleepy, lovely spot. Tourists wander through shops adorned with the traditional flower boxes hanging from the windows overflowing with petunias and geraniums. No one would guess such a dark heart lie at the core of this vision of English gentility, an example of dark using beauty to disguise its hideous face.

David further explained the means by which a great deal of information has been made available to him. It’s as organic, on one level, as any town gossip, only the stakes are enormously high. The wife of a Mason, or the secretary of some local elite, the spotting of certain license plates in suspicious locations, secrets even at this level cannot be kept in one’s backyard. By simply being on the island, which David has been drawn to since the age of 5 while on family vacations, David has been positioned to break the code of silence. He reveals this agenda on stage as the fearless investigator.

Later, over lunch, the conversation turned to, among other things, the vast amount of comment that has followed my last blog. He was reflecting that it should not surprise anyone that he has his own personal issues that must be played out in the third dimensional arena. It’s here, on earth, that each of us must grapple with the forces being presented us so that we, through this density, can ultimately shift the holographic reality. David is not exempt from this human struggle. On the contrary, it takes a unique individual to play the role he has taken on in this lifetime, one with big enough shoulders to withstand the constant bombardment of judgment, interference and personal strife, much of which is being purposefully projected his way from the obvious opposing interests to serve as intimidation or to simply wear him down. This is not to dismiss the fact that some of the hardship is a result of his own choices as a human being. It still surprises him that anyone would expect him to be beyond mistakes, which are often part of our soul’s plan or agreement, and tribulation as he has always said that the words he imparts on stage apply to himself as well as anybody.

His job is to share his findings, not claim his own perfection. He is still pulling the pieces together as to how his personal journey reflects the larger portrait of the matrix, of humanity reclaiming its innate sovereignty and dissolving the control systems. And, while the man on the stage has put many pieces of the picture together for humanity’s benefit, the human being is contending with life just like the rest of us.