Monday, November 08, 2010

Too Small to Fail

I’m sitting at Peet’s Coffee sipping peppermint tea on a sunny afternoon, writing this blog as the U.S. fills virtual ink cartridges with a few tons of virtual green ink to create $600-billion of more virtual money while an ounce of gold just hit $1400. What could possibly go wrong? It sounds like it’s all under control as long as the price of virtual ink doesn’t rise. Still, something keeps nagging at me......

In juxtaposition to the Freakonomy driven side-show of the Back-to-Bush politics that swept America last Tuesday, I sat with John Perkins on Saturday for an interview on the muck that is the real underpinnings of our global geo-political reality. This reality does not discriminate between democracy and totalitarianism, fascism or communism.

You could call our current type of governance a corporatocracy or corporatarianism, it doesn’t matter. The same handful of CEOS (and their masters) run the whole game. The global corporate goal: to enslave poor countries possessing valuable resources with un-payable debt, which allows, upon default of the loan, the ravaging of their resources by multi-national corporations. This pisses off the country that has just been plundered, and it’s leaders, forcing them to make strong threatening statements, such as an intention to nationalize their resources. Then you send in the CIA's private contractors to create unrest among their people, overthrow the government, and get a more U.S. friendly leader in office to allow the U.S. (and other exploitive corporatocracies) to continue plundering free of any regulations or restrictions.

Another agenda is to enslave the populations of formerly well-to-do nations with massive debt that can never be repaid to support military efforts from which the same players profit, and to bail out the financial institutions operated by, yes, the same players. Sometimes the game backfires. One small example is Somali piracy.

John has met with pirates, and just about every other kind of disenfranchised and indigenous people. The multi-national fishing companies have wiped out and polluted the Somali coastal fish populations, their traditional means of support. Angry and hungry young Somalian men have adapted. Once the line is crossed into unlawful and violent behavior, it’s difficult to turn the page back. Besides there is nothing to go back to.

This is one small example of backlash for the West’s reckless and usurious agendas, all of which exist far beyond the reach of any voter anywhere. We are all being hoodwinked by our world's governments, a sentiment that is reflected in the title of John's newest book. The problem is so large that the only way out is small - you and me, one determined person at a time.

For me, the only thing that is making sense anymore is that we each need to begin the profound undertaking of building a new ‘economy’ from the ground up, and we don’t need the permission from any our governments to start exploring and implementing something that works for us.

On our small note, Scott and I are gardening, have some food and water in reserve and are exploring other sustainable community endeavors including Time Banking.

I addressed Time Banking/Contributionism in my current interview with Michael Tellinger and past interview with Stephanie Rearick. With this option, we simply have to answer a few primary questions - What do I love doing? Where do my skills lie? How much of my time am I willing to give?

In this spirit of Contributionism, I phoned the mayor of our small town. He returned the call explaining that, not only is he interested in the concept of Time Banking, he is also exploring establishing a local currency and is well into development of sustainable local food programs.

We have heard from some of our CMN friends that they too are taking on the task of inspiring their communities to do the same or joining in similar efforts. This makes my heart happy.

Meanwhile, I think we need to honor the simplistic, good-hearted and naive among us because these are the traits that will be needed while attempting something this profound.

I’ll update you after I meet with the Mayor.

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