Sunday, November 21, 2010

Otherworldly Mystery Missile?

November 8th was being touted as a day to watch. Insiders said global money markets could come crashing down, The Fed was about to buy up its own debt and protest was mounting in Seoul where the G-20 summit was about to commence. But what dominated headlines that evening was the Mystery Missile.

A KCBS-TV news helicopter caught the red vapor trail from what looked like a missile whizzing by off the coast of Southern California at 5:00 in the afternoon. The Pentagon immediately attempted to soothe the public by saying that there was no threat to national security. All divisions of the military admitted they had no idea what it was nor where it came from. Rumor and conjecture were blooming like algae across the internet. Soon fingers were pointing at China followed by blame that our military could be so unprepared - again.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media began the spin - it was the contrail of a jet. The story died on the airwaves within 48 hours.

I took a break from the hysteria and meditated on the situation. A larger question rose to the surface. While this may seems like a fringe line of thought, it is not out of the realm of possibility. What if alien presence that resides in an underground base was responsible for the missile launch? What if the launch was intended to be perceived as a terrestrial military threat to throw the world into chaos so that the various agendas such as martial law could be implemented. This would be the beginning of the larger agenda of creating an official police state within the United States that the elites have been working for so long to accomplish. Knowing of the economic tensions with China, it would be assumed that this was an aggressive move by the Chinese.

Meanwhile, I pondered a CVF (counter veiling force) intervening on humanity's behalf from having studied the issue of ETs and UFO phenomenon. Its my understanding that, while it is not permissible for ET cultures to interfere with other developing species such as ours, intervention is allowed if the event was perpetrated by another "off-planet" ET species. There is Universal Law to that governs such actions. Perhaps an underwater ET group that could have created such an event in collusion with the earthly Elite. We have heard of this relationship in the work of many contemporaries including the recently deceased Zecharia Sitchin, Dolores Cannon, Barbara Lamb, David Icke and Michael Tellinger.

As preposterous as this may sound, I am comfortable with the realization that our planet is teeming with life of all sorts and that ETs are part of earth's history as we are. I have taken the time to study some of this first hand in connection with the Disclosure Project and many of our interviewees and learned that there is historical precedent of friendly/protective ETs taking down missiles. This was well chronicled by the Disclosure Project.

Through my time with Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean ( I learned of the underwater and underground ET bases, which have likely been here for thousands of years if not from the beginning of life on earth. You can look into this yourself.

A few days after the event I was watching a History Channel documentary on Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs). It was stating that the most often reported USO activity by witnesses was in the very region the missile had been seen originating from on November 8th - near the California Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California.

Today another internet article came to my attention. Within it a man claiming to be retired U.S. Navy Fire Control Technician said there was no question that the mystery missile was just that - a missile, not a contrail. He also stated that this was not an American missile. The same article went on to build a case against the Chinese. Personally, I do not believe for one moment that the Chinese would be either stupid or rash enough to make such an imprudent move.

So, what I am left with is a sea of possibilities and am open to all of them. I do not think that the proliferation of programs on television and on the internet concerning aliens and UFOs is an accident. These trends occur either by design and for purpose or as a result of collective consciousness expressing itself. Either way, it’s coming close to a time in which we are going to have to face the reality that we are not alone and all of the potential consequences and benefits of this reality.

Is it possible that November 8th offered us a glimpse of both?

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