Friday, November 12, 2010

Surviving Everything: Part 2

A CMN viewer posted a comment regarding Surviving Everything stating that it would be psychologically and spiritually challenging to think of stocking up on food and water when so much of the world is suffering to the point of starvation. I would guess others feel the same way, which is why I am writing this response.

This is a very delicate topic as what I am about to say can be easily misconstrued, but I would like to say it nonetheless. Understand that these are my perceptions only.

My orientation is toward personal responsibility on all levels, which includes the soul’s choices.

Life on earth is for learning, playing and experiencing as much as we can in any given incarnation. There are built in parameters within this experience. As I spoke about in my November Fifth Element, incarnations are not random. There is a great deal to take into consideration before one incarnates into an earth life. If a Being has not been making conscious choices from one incarnation to the next, our options begin to narrow.

First is a matter of our DNA, which is associated with the tribe/family/bloodline. We have a set of opportunities and challenges that are presented within particular familial bloodlines. A given bloodline may represent a type of physical body, mind, spiritual understanding, emotional development and/or karma.

Each of us has been caught in cycles of familial/bloodline/DNA patterns throughout our personal history of earth incarnations. The mere fact that most of us have been doing it for a while would indicate that there has been an accumulation of inter-connectedness that may be laden with habitual patterning and/or obligation.

Once a Being has learned what can be learned within a bloodline or type of experience, they generally choose another type of experience. Because there needs to be a DNA compatibility, they need to find a body that allows easy integration while, at the same time, attempting to break out of an old pattern.

Much of the suffering and poverty on this planet has to do with these incarnation cycles, and the difficulty one may have with releasing themselves from this pattern. There is not a single Being on this planet who did not choose to be here now, and be here in the family/tribe/DNA pool that they live amongst. The soul has full knowledge of an incarnation path prior to incarnation. So one might wonder why would anyone choose poverty?

I think it’s rare for a soul to choose poverty and degradation. This may happen where one is trying to learn a lesson or repay karma and is choosing to do it the most direct way possible. This takes courage and is a bold choice.

What I think happens more often is that a soul is stuck in a certain reality and does not understand how to release themselves. This takes an extra degree of determination, will and courage for any of us to free ourselves of any kind of pattern, no less centuries or millennia of habitual circumstance.

While recently speaking of how time and the process of aging is changing, a friend was telling me she felt it to be so unfair that we live so well, relatively speaking, while women in Haiti have such a burden of abuse, poverty and hunger. How can it be that these realities exist side by side? Where is the fairness?

She then went on to tell me of a Haitian woman she knows here in America and how the woman had told her of the reality of old age in Haiti. The Haitian woman said life is over at 60, that you simply wait to die because you have no further place nor purpose after this age. My friend thought this to be very sad.

I shared with her thoughts similar to what I am sharing now and I told her that what brings tears to my eyes are stories such as this Haitian woman who has found a way to educate herself and free herself of her suffering by beginning a new life in the United States. This woman has made a bold choice that will forever alter her incarnation patterns. It is unlikely, knowing all she has learned, that she would choose to incarnate into her previous poverty ridden circumstance. She has made a break. The beauty of this brings tears to my eyes because everyone of us has been here - at choice points - to choose to say “yes” to an unknown or even frightening option on the intuition it could bring something better. This is how we change our experience from one incarnation to the next.

I say this because, while it hurts most human beings to see another truly suffer, to stop our own learning and experience because another is suffering may not be the wisest choice. Did you choose to have a lifetime of suffering? If you did not, then why not focus on what you can do now for yourself, your loved ones and anyone else you choose to be of service to, and not negate your own purpose this lifetime?

Our life on earth is the school in which we make real choices and take real actions that will determine what will be available to us now and in the future. If we choose to take care of our physical bodies through the minor or major disruptions life may offer in the form of having food and water on hand for the body, who is harmed in this? Should we feed ourselves even if we cannot effect change for all of the other bodies who are hungry and suffering? People who are starving would say ‘yes.’ This does not limit us from lending a helping hand where possible.

An incarnation is not to be wasted, and to die prematurely and unnecessarily serves no Soul. In the end, every single Soul on this planet is going to get through even the most severe upheaval alive and well, and likely ready to do it again, because we do not die, we only change densities back and forth. When we depart one dimension we are born into the other. Still, we have this golden opportunity of earth life now and we must take care of our body the best we can. This is our journey.

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