Thursday, May 17, 2007

Choosing Your Matrix

Bashing the United States is the new favorite global sport, and most would say for good reason. Once a beacon of possibility and creativity for both emerging and mature countries alike, our country has sunken in status to that of a global bully supported by religious, political, industrial and military zealots. America now stands for greed, deceit and exploitation.

In light of this, you can imagine my surprise to find out that the United States had recently raised its level of consciousness! This was determined via Dr. David Hawkins system of calibration of consciousness. A Canadian friend of ours has been studying Hawkins work for many years and coaches corporations and individuals through the process of raising the consciousness of their businesses, relationships, health and so forth. In his own search for the city and country with the highest level of consciousness he stumbled upon the surprising finding that the United States remained at the top of the list and had actually improved as of late. This inspired a wonderful conversation between a small group of us and we came to the following conclusion.

While the world is painfully aware of this country’s bad behavior, it is far less aware that at least half of America’s citizenry is desperate to evolve and toss out the buggers responsible for this mess. Toward that end, much soul searching has taken place. This is reflected in the noticeable proliferation of yoga studios, meditation courses, whole and raw food restaurants and stores, spiritual conferences as well as consciousness raising films in the entertainment industry. Many inspirational and revealing films have made it to the big screen in the last few years. Films such as Syriana, Good Night and Good Luck, The Constant Gardener and Blood Diamond as well as a plethora of truth seeking documentaries have begun to awaken a sleeping populace. John Stewart and Steven Colbert help us release the tension by poking fun at the most heinous political gaffs, educating us further while we laugh at the pathetic nature of the story.

Even the most conservative among us admit that things aren’t going particularly well around here. But, alas, what to do? “They” seem to hold all of the chips. Or do they? If “they” hold all of the chips, how could this country continue evolving its consciousness?

I believe it goes like this. ‘Consciousness’ doesn’t make the headlines but it permeates everything. Consciousness has it’s own vibratory pattern fed by belief, action and expectation. The desire of the people to make a shift toward living a more conscious life is speaking louder than the greed and violence being perpetrated by our government, corporations and military. We are beginning to see the damage done to our souls through over-consumption and exploitation. To further the consciousness, the new media is picking up on the notion of ‘Simple’, ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’ speaking to those of us who are ready to do with less than what has passed for the American dream. The dream now includes growing one’s own organic food, getting “off the grid”, raising chickens and sharing space.

In the typical confluence of paradigms, while some of the planet’s fastest emerging countries are trying desperately to get away from these common practices, consuming ever more in their march toward progress, people in America are searching for their spiritual families to work and live with in community. We hear this everywhere we go.

All of this feeds directly into David Icke’s perceptions of the Matrix and illusion. In his book Infinite Love Is The Only Truth Everything Else Is Illusion, David goes to great lengths to show how our beliefs fashion the creation of both our personal and mass matrices. What is really profound here is that the earth has her own conscious evolution and is moving into a new dimensional frequency. This is beyond nearly everyone’s true comprehension. It is extraordinary that all of us chose to incarnate at a time when the earth is bumping her own refinement up into a 4th dimensional vibration. We were born 3rd dimensional beings in this physical world (though, in truth, we are all multi-dimensional in nature) and are at a choice point to evolve to the next level or stay behind. This is a profound choice to be faced with.

Just to get our minds around this subject, ponder the thought that the billions of stars you see in the night sky are but a fraction of the actual stars that exist as we can only see those in the third dimension. There are billions upon billions of others in our universe that we can never see because they are in a level of vibration/dimension that our senses cannot yet perceive.

On the Earth’s next evolutionary/dimensional stage, the kindergarten lessons regarding the consequences of killing, mutilating, abusing and stealing from one another will not longer be offered. The doors are closing on the opportunity to learn these basic lessons as the earth, and those who choose to evolve with her, are moving into a dimension that thrives on acceptance of one another, cooperation and brotherly/sisterly love. This has HUGE implications that I would like to share with you from my understanding.

About 20 years ago it was explained to me by a “guiding” force, whom I have communicated with for many years, that the earth’s population would reach a point where those who have not learned the “baby” lessons (thou shalt not kill, maim, steal, etc.) will no longer have a vibrational field that will be in alignment with the earth’s. This is to say that when their body dies, they will not be capable of reincarnating into the evolving earth’s sphere. They went on to say that this has been expected and that other places have been prepared for those who need more time to learn these basic lessons. The net effect will be that those who choose to evolve their own consciousness and DNA with the earth will be living in a more cohesive environment in which the stresses and differences will not be so severe. In this more supportive environment we can continue to evolve our own abilities and consciousness’. This is already occurring as I see everywhere I go and leaves me with great hope for the species.

The flip side of this is obvious. Those who do not choose to play with respect for earth and others will not be coming back until those lessons are learned. This means that through attrition alone the cohesiveness and functionality of this species will be rising!

I think of this often when I see the unconscionable acts being perpetrated against one another. Yet, opportunities for growth are there until we take our last breath. When David Icke, Michael Tsarion, George Green, Alfred Webre and others we’ve met turn over the stones and shine their flashlights on these less evolved beings, it also gives those exposed an option to choose a more conscious path. Instead, many of them choose to tighten the noose on the rest of us through our banking, educational, religious and pharmaceutical industries to gain further control over the species and our resources. Alas, this party will be short lived, albeit painful, on all of us. In the end, they suffer the worst. Life is long and precious and missed opportunities for growth are not to be taken lightly on the soul level.

I believe that the people of the United States, and many other countries, are awakening in consciousness and that we will move forward together. I believe the world we will inherit once again will be the same world, but kinder and gentler, even if there is some repair work to do. So as tempting as it is to point fingers at the U.S. and each other, perhaps we all need to turn them onto ourselves. It’s up to each and every one of us, personally and collectively, to lift ourselves into a gentler matrix. Resonance is resonance. If one can’t resonate with the new dimensional energies of the earth, the ride is over. There is great responsibility in this and great hope. As I have quoted from the Hopi before, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” I stretch my hand out to you to in an offer to form community in every way possible to evolve through these formidable times together. Truth, wholeness, beauty in all of its forms, and love are our tools.