Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When Change Comes Calling

I don’t know how it works for you, but for me there’s a moment, and in that moment I know everything is changing.
I had one such moment last week. I knew within minutes of waking to a new day that our lives were going to change radically. That we were going to leave the place we love so dearly, the people we love, and the home we love. We told our wonderful little canine companion, Genie, that we were making a big move. I knew that, at 15 years old, she may not want that kind of stress, so I thought it fair to tell her what’s going on.
Never one to fear the unknown, she gathered her will and strength and chose her exit. Healthy and bouncy until the last 3 days of her life, she gave her heart to everybody, she enjoyed a little steak, had a seizure and died. Her choice, on her terms. We are heart broken.
In the midst of all of this people ask us how we can give up the slice of heaven we call our lives. And I say this: When change comes calling, we are best to heed the call. If we do not, we bring unnecessary suffering and stagnation into our lives. It does not matter if what we have is beautiful, because there is a time and season for every phase of life.
Yes, we’ll be sad when the moving truck pulls out and when we say goodbye to such dear friends, and our beloved red rocks. But something larger is beckoning and this is not a time for sissies.
My husband Scott and I are clear on our purpose, which is to bring you information. We have people from every continent visiting Conscious Media Network, from dozens of countries – people looking for a new way to shape their lives. We can’t afford to remain in our cozy zone. We need to stretch, gather and grow to have access to ever more profound people and places to bring back to you. It’s our chosen path.
Besides, in the end, there’s never really a choice regarding change. If you don’t follow it willingly, it will come for you. So tell us Change, what’s next?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Revelations = "to reveal"

Talk about shock and awe!

Both responses were fitting after seeing "end of times" billboards while driving through the California desert recently. This came on the heels of reading Bill Moyers commencement address a while back, which stated that the conservative Bush administration and their fundamentalist followers believed that there was no reason to invest in the cleaning up of the environment because the end of times was upon us. I didn't believe this was a widely held position until accidently dialing into a Christian radio program just moments before we came across the billboard mentioned above. Sobering indeed that millions of people might be vested in short term vision because of their interpretation of biblical events as they pertain to current times.

I am aware that Fundamentalist Christians are not alone in an "end game" belief system. With the approaching date of 2012, soon to be popularized in a new film by Mel Gibson, many people seeking alternative viewpoints are aware that the ancient Mayan civilization also spoke of a time at the end of their calendar in which the world would end as they knew it. This too is open to interpretation.

The Hopis also speak of the time of the White Buffalo when the old world dies and gives birth to another. The White Buffalo and it's albino offspring have been born.

There is no doubt that we are at a major intersection of human presence on this planet. Many authors have spoken of past Golden Civilizations that have disappeared. Others speak of clues that have been left, hidden in plain sight, for those with eyes to see when the time was right. Many also say that time is now, such as what is gifted us in the work of Tony Bushby's "The Secret in the Bible". I agree.

The way I see it is this. We have re-learned many of the secrets of the physical universe. If technology moves any faster, even the most adaptable of us might blow our motherboards! Our hearts have been cracked wide open with stories of courage, love and exemplary human endeavor published in the myriad of new consciousness raising periodicals and websites. We are gaining an impressive array of knowledge over the understanding of disease and what it takes to reverse it. All this as our beautiful planet is circling the drain, on the path to such severe degradation that it may take millenia to recover.

This also comes at a time when those who have held the power over the world's resources, money supplies, media and governmental infrastructure are behaving worse than ever. This is natural. Whenever anybody who holds power feels the threat of erosion of their position, they will fight back. Desparate times require desparate measures, eh? So lies and deceit and greed are spreading like an unstoppable virus, encouraging us to stay asleep, to consume, to anesthesize ourselves with Prozac, to put our faith in those who care nothing for us or our host planet. But alas, it isn't quite going according to plan. People by the millions are waking up and asking questions - people all over the world. World Wisdom Councils are gathering. People are blogging and sharing their newly found understandings with each other. It's downright beautiful!

In short, the time of Revelations is at hand. Revelations as in to "reveal the truth". Truth is spilling out from the tips of pens, from mouths, from keyboards, through the airwaves, even through Hollywood. The clues are hidden in front of us if we look. And among them are some, as Aristotle called them, first philosophies. One such primary truth is that life evolves through cooperation, not competition. Bruce Lipton writes about this in his phenomenal book "The Biology of Belief." It's an incredible time in which all that has been hidden from view is being revealed so that we can shake off the worn out stories of the past and revise our futures.

What do you want from your future? David Icke says it's all just an illusion, a matrix we have collectively created, so why not create a more kind, generous, loving and supportive one? I, for one, am onboard 110%! Let's talk. Let's join hands and share our visions and desires. Let's dream together. Yes, we're approaching the great divide, but I believe we can make the leap across the abyss to the new land. So let's not waste another day or opportunity to tell truths, to drop the ego and create lives truly worth living, lives alive with independent thought, simple pleasures and caring for one another and the earth. Revelations indeed!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Tipping Point

Something caught my attention in a presentation recently. It was the notion, reportedly based on mathematical probabilities, that it takes only 4.7% of the population to effect a change, or to create the “tipping point.”

The tipping point is the point at which an idea or concept can be absorbed into the consciousness of the whole, or mass consciousness. This is exciting news for those of us who are waiting for a critical mass of people to embrace conscious concepts into their everyday lives so as to make the powerful and obvious changes needed to save life as we know it here on planet earth. Contrary to conventional wisdom, it doesn’t take 51%, rather just under 5%!

These modest, but potent, numbers are not entirely new information. Gregg Braden wrote of this in his book The Isiah Effect. The challenge comes in waking even 5% of the people from the deep slumber we’ve been hypnotized into as we’ve become slaves to the mortgage, our jobs, the media, our desires, even our own families. And we’re the lucky ones!

What about getting an expanded awareness of the earth’s needs onto the radar of those poor souls in Africa who are slaves to their very survival on a day-to-day basis? Or to those who are slaves to despotic political regimes? Indeed, we appear to be trapped in a frighteningly tight web of paralysis as a species while a few well-positioned and monied individuals run rampant with their agendas. But is this really our fate?

I spent an hour on the phone with physicist and spiritualist Mark Comings this evening. I became enthralled with Mark’s mind and heart while listening to him address an elite think tank in Marin County a few years ago. He spoke of the “plenum” to his mesmerized audience. Having the brilliance of a true academic, bolstered by a loving heart, he spoke simple and eloquent truths about the nature of life/space itself.

For many of us, religious training early in life left us with the distinct impression that we were separate from what was termed God - sinners from birth in some traditions. As we gaze out into the cosmos we see a lot of nothing, with a smattering of stars. When we are bad we are separated out from our fellow classmates and friends as punishment. In short, it is no surprise that we often feel a sense of isolation or emptiness.

As Mark progressed his speech he explained how science itself has proven that not only are we NEVER separate from one another, that it is in fact impossible to be separate not only from each other but from vast seas of moving light and color, sound, intelligence and our very potential itself! In fact, as Vernon Wolff states, we each have a hyper-spacial counterpart that is our Full Potential. The key is to develop a rapport with our Full Potential Self.

I call it our Soul Development. Others call it Spirit. It doesn’t matter what we call it, every one of us has an aspect of ourselves that lives beyond time and space, that dances with each other during “dreamtime”. This aspect of us chose to incarnate to learn important lessons, to offer our skills and knowledge and to refine itself. And when earth life is over, I believe we continue on the journey of refinement and remembrance in one dimension or another. So I inevitably go to the thought “What kind of place would I want to return to?” What if the thing we create today, and its extended consequences, is what we inherit later? Yikes! This is where at least a casual belief in reincarnation could be of some real value!

Back to the tipping point. By the sheer value of our knowing we are surrounded with a “plenum” of potential beyond our wildest understanding rather than a dark, empty vacuum, that we have our Full Potential Selves to guide us to our highest good and that we are never separated from each other, maybe if we hold this in our hearts and share this with our loved ones, maybe then the tipping point is only moments away. Then we can roll up our sleeves and create the kind of future we want for not only our offspring and the earth, but for our Potential Future Selves!!